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Time and Attendance

Scadsys Time and Attendance provides capabilities to record attendance and absent time in an easy-to-use, always accessible, biometrics system. Staff, Educators and Students just touch the biometric reader to clock-in and clock-out time to record attendance. Unlimited clock-in and clock-out per day is supported and many stations can be deployed around the school or college.

Scadsys Time and Attendance for students are implemented mainly for high school or colleges where period attendance is required. The system monitors student and educator attendance according to the timetable and report deviations via email, SMS or Scadsys Communicator. Biometric devices can be installed in busses to record which students make use of goverment transport initiatives. Detail billing is available for bus and taxi operators.

Scadsys Time and Attendance capabilities:

The Scadsys Time and Attendance system integrates with Scadsys Administration and Scadsys Notifications for reporting and alerting which staff members did not clock-in or is in breach of hours worked policies. The system also monitors student period attendance and report non-attendance to educators and parents.