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For many educational institutions, information and the technology that supports it represent their most valuable, but often least understood assets. Successful educational institutions recognise the benefits of information technology and use it to drive community value and effectiveness. These educational institutions also understand and manage the associated risks, such as increasing regulatory compliance and critical dependence of many processes on IT. The need for assurance about the value of IT, the management of IT-related risks and increased requirements for control over information are now understood as key elements of educational governance. Value, risk and control constitute the core of IT governance. Educational institution users must understand the effect they have on each other. Their respective demands and expectations must be defined and agreed on. The most effective way of managing this is through the service level management process.
Service level management is a defined process that enables IT to deliver exactly what is expected of it and to ensure that these services are recognized as beneficial to the educational institution. IT can facilitate effective cost management of the services, focus on the full range of services available, monitor the service components, and ensure that the service is delivered through monitoring, reporting, and developing knowledge of the services that are offered.
IT governance integrates and institutionalises good practices to ensure that the IT supports the educational institution objectives. IT governance thus enables the educational institution to take full advantage of its information, thereby maximising benefits and capitalising on opportunities. These outcomes require a framework for control over IT and good best practices.
IT Outsourcing involves the transfer of the management and/or day-to-day execution of IT activities to ScadCo. The educational institution and ScadCo enter into a contractual agreement that defines the services to be provided. The client agrees to procure the services from the supplier for the term of the contract.

Educational institutions that outsource are seeking to realize benefits and address the following issues:

Service Catalogue

The ScadCo Service Catalogue provides a full-featured, yet low-cost, set of foundation services to support all IT operations. The solution has been architected in such as way that it addresses all required aspects of IT support required by schools and colleges. The service catalogue, will govern service delivery within the Service Level Agreement (SLA) and SLA objectives.


Pricing Model

SC1 Access Devices Support Services
Desktops and Laptops Per device
Tablets Per device
SC2 Server Support Services
Hardware Support Services Per server
Software Support Services Per server
SC3 Connectivity Services
Switch/Router Per LAN switch/router
Wireless Per WLAN node
Connected Devices Per connection
Network Management System Per NMS
SC4 Remote Access Support Per remote access user
SC5 Software Assurance Service
Applications Per application
Web Applications Per application
Web Store Applications Per application
SC6 Security, Risk and Governance Management Services
TMG Firewall Per TMG instance
Intruder Protection Per IPS
Secure Information Access Per user
Digital Certificates Per installation
Data Encryption Per installation
SC7 Disaster Recovery Service
Backups Per Service Protected
Offsite Backups Per Service Protected
Service Recovery Per Full Recovery
SC8 Asset Management Service Per service
SC9 Internet Access Service
ADSL/Fibre Access Per fixed IP ADSL
Firewall service Per firewall instance
URL filtering Per URL Filtering service
SC10 Collaboration Service
Messaging Per mail box
Messaging Office 365 Per mail box
Remote Messaging Per internet mailbox
Mobile Messaging Per mobile mailbox
SMTP Bulk eMail Per Scadsys instance
Instant Messaging Per Lync user
SharePoint Per SharePoint portal
SMS Per Scadsys instance
SC11 Printing Service Per printer
SC12 Web Services
School/College Domain Per domain
Scadsys Web Service Per Scadsys instance
School/College Web Site Per web instance
SC13 Application Services
School Management System Per Scadsys instance
Financial Management System Per Pastel instance
Classroom management system Per Scadsys instance
Media Management system Per Scadsys instance
Asset and Stock system Per Scadsys instance
Parent and Student Portals Per Scadsys instance
Parent and Student Mobility Per Scadsys instance
Access Control System Per Scadsys instance
Notifications system Per Scadsys instance
Time and Attendance Per Scadsys instance
SC14 Information Lifecycle Services
SQL Database Per SQL instance
Shared Folders Per shared folders option
SC15 User Education Services Per user
SC16 Problem and Incident Management Service Fixed per month
SC17 Capacity Management Service Fixed per month
SC18 Configuration Management Service Included
SC19 Change Management Service Included
SC20 Project Management Services Per hour
SC21 Architecture Management Service Included