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Knowledge Management

ScadCo developed a knowledge management framework to manage content at schools and colleges. The knowledge portal provides a single, integrated location where administrators, educators and students can efficiently collaborate, find resources, search for experts and institution information, manage content and workflow, and leverage insight to making informed decisions and learning.

The Scadsys Knowledge Management Framework entails methods and enablement of processes, governance, compliance and technologies used to classify, capture, manage, store, preserve, dispose, deliver, collaborate and/or share educational information and documents. It enables schools and colleges to manage structured (E.g. Scadsys master data) and unstructured information (documents, images, records, web content, video, sound, etc.) that are related to learning at the school or college. The system improve organizational effectiveness by providing comprehensive content management and enterprise search, accelerating shared processes, and facilitating information-sharing across boundaries for better insight.

Scadsys Knowledge Management capabilities:

ScadCo uses SharePoint on Office 365 technology integrated to Scadsys and Active Directory to accomplish this knowledge management solution.

To manage content Scadsys implements a content life cycle in 7 stages. These stages ensure that content is properly classified, managed, protected and disposed. The content life cycle is: